June 2018

When I got pregnant my mom gave me a copy of Natural Child Birth The Bradley Way and after reading it I knew that this was the type of birth that I wanted. My husband is not a reader, but I knew he needed to learn this information in order for us to be a team during labor. Classes were the perfect option. Diana is very knowledgeable about the Bradley method, natural child birth and how to achieve a natural birth in a hospital setting. This class really helped me and my husband to gain a better understanding of pregnancy, labor and what to expect with the arrival of our daughter. We had the all natural birth that I wanted and I felt like this class was instrumental in helping us achieve that. 


December 2017

My husband David and I took Diana's Bradley birth class when we were due with our second little blessing. We took it as a refresher course (as we took a Bradley class with our first as well) and were so pleased! We learned so much and approached our second birth with confidence and utilized the techniques we learned! We are proud to say that our daughter was born quickly (so quickly in fact that many husband caught her before the midwives could come!) and without complication. We are so grateful for Diana and the information we learned! Thank you!


June 2016

My water broke spontaneously at 37w2d on a Wednesday, and I couldn’t have been more unprepared. I hadn’t completed any of my pre-hospital checklist, and my husband was acutely ill. My bag was not packed, car seat was not installed, and drive was not timed, yet I experienced exactly the birth I had envisioned in great part thanks to Diana. She took a minute to reassure me that it would all be okay, then took action! She devised a list of essentials –including items a first timer wouldn’t know about like bringing your own towels—and packed my bag quickly and efficiently. She then installed my car seat and made sure I had eaten, all while timing my contractions (which were already 3 – 5 minutes apart). I was able to manage the labor well enough with some of her position suggestions that she had to convince me to get in the car when they were a minute apart and lasting a minute each. I was surprised to find that I didn’t really want to talk throughout the process, and she was my voice! Diana ensured I was not rushed into making any decisions. It was my wish to have an unmedicated birth, and she empowered me to shut down every attempt they made to thrust pain intervention upon me. Like clockwork, every time I thought I might give in to the exhaustion she chimed in with a motivating progress report and reassurance. She really took the time to understand what my wishes were and see that they were respected. Diana is firm in defending your wishes, but never rude and very thoughtful. She even took some photos of the process in case I wanted them. I think it really helped me to have someone there who has successfully given birth the way she intended. She was my strength in my most vulnerable time. I highly recommend, and I hope to use her again in my future births.